Sharing stories of Assam Floods, Nepal Earthquake and the campaign in support of Philip Hughes, where twitter was extensively used for sharing information and also coordinating volunteer support, relief material, missing person information etc.

Initially, the social media platforms were only used for personal networking, sharing personal information and generally pictures. But with the increase in the user base, there has been a shift in the usage of the platforms as they are being used as a tool to express concerns, issues at local and national levels too.

While the interaction and connections on social media increase, cyber bullying, trolling, hate speech, hacking, impersonation and a number of other issues have also been observed. To battle these, Twitter has their community standards and safety mechanisms in place which allows the users to protect their information, filter their content and connections too. The safety tools that twitter provide (mute, block, report etc.) ensure the safety of users to a certain extent.

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