That's primarily what a tweeple would think of while splashing on the platform for the first time. As much as it is a fun platform to be at, it engages the users brilliantly by constantly challenging to fit their brains in the 140 characters that they offer. Once you master the art, you just can’t keep yourself away from Twitter and this is not us bragging but the ones who have championed the skill of tweeting saying.

Twitter India and Centre for Social Research came together in the year 2016 to create and train change makers using Twitter as their tool. The association titled as ‘TweeSurfing’, began with four workshops which were organised in Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Ladakh.

The workshop was intended to tell the tricks and tips of mastering Twitter as a user and using it an agent of change for social concerns. Conversations, discussions, updates and any sort of communication on the platform has to be shared in a way so that it grabs the attention of others and the kind of refreshal rate it has, getting attention towards yourself is fairly tough. #TweeSurfing workshops are not the ordinary formats but a highly engaging and interactive session tied up with activities to make the concepts clear.

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