Social media today is all about communication and we begin with how easy/difficult it is in the virtual spaces.

Activity: Tangram

Eight volunteers participate in this activity in groups of four. A picture is handed over to one team which is made up of the seven tans. One of the teams work with the tans while the other give instructions on how to arrange it.


1. None of the teams can look at each other.
2. No hand movements.
3. The instructing team doesn’t share what exactly the other picture looks like.

Once they are done, the teams look at the results and most of the times the images differ from each other. This activity is basically conducted to explain that how important expressions and voice tone is for effective communication.

Social media is sans expressions, voice tone and neither are you talking in real time. Hence, all that you say and post, share is being received very differently by everyone in your network. And this is why it is important for everyone to think before they react on social media. Post the session on communication, we talk about the basic tools/functions of Twitter. Information on best ways to tweet, using hashtags, following trends and how to interact with followers etc. is shared by the facilitators.

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